My Approach

Having ADHD impacts more than just your schoolwork. It also impacts your relationships and the decisions you make throughout your life. Too many times we focus on the negative side of ADHD and not enough on the positives. This can leave children who are diagnosed with ADHD feeling like they are "broken" or "flawed" and can lead to issues with self-esteem. We want to prevent this by learning more about ADHD and the positives of having ADHD. We can also work out strategies to help support children with ADHD in the classroom and at home.

For adolescents, we can focus on the above areas but also help you prepare for your management of ADHD while you are at college. I have conducted and published research on the specific challenges experienced by college students with ADHD. With a little bit of preparation, we can make your transition to college as smooth as possible and help you avoid the "speed bumps" students typically experience. 

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